A design system based on the common sense principles of nature and often used to design gardens, landscapes, buildings and even social systems.

Permaculture Solutions to Climate Change


ROBIN CLAYFIELD Permaculture Solutions to Climate Change IPC11 Cuba This Guest Presentation by ROBIN CLAYFIELD at the International Permaculture Conference in Cuba gives an unconventional Talk about Permaculture Solutions to Climate Change – IPC11 Cuba. Comments on Youtube include: Kurt Holbrook “ Clearly, the very most neglected subject in Permaculture, Social Development, this speaker is brilliant, but the audio is over dubbed with Spanish translation making this release difficult to follow. I’m looking for Robin Clayfield’s attention and vitalization of the second Permaculture Principle, Care of the People, elsewhere. Thumbs up for Robin, thumbs down for the audio. I really …

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Permaculture Book Reprinted after 12 years Out of Print

Robin Clayfield’s classic book ‘You Can Have Your Permaculture and Eat It Too’ has finally been reprinted. It’s had a thorough re-edit, been completely re-formatted and had a partial content upgrade bringing all the information up to date. The Index is now twice the size, there’s 6 new illustrations and the amazing Rob Clark has re-designed the cover which looks really classy with a matt finish. The book was first published 17 years ago and contains 13 years of Robin’s life. She spent over a year drawing much of the info out of her head into the manuscript. The print …

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Magic Happens in Dynamic Groups

Magic Happens in ‘Dynamic Groups’ and Learning Happens Easily. Why is that so? It’s been an exciting and rewarding journey for Robin Clayfield since she first began Teaching Permaculture Creatively in 1990. She and Skye (now from Brazil) had taught a 2 week Permaculture Design Course the year before, using lecturing, small group work, demonstrations, hands-on garden and design exercises and other standard educational practises. That’s how they’d been taught through school, Uni and in their Permaculture course as students. The course went very well, people were inspired and learnt lots, though they reported a sense of ‘information overload’. It …

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Social Permaculture Smorgasboard

What is Social Permaculture? As a culture and a movement for positive global change we’re getting better and better at designing our gardens, food systems, buildings and landscapes using Permaculture Principles, common sense ways of sensitively developing systems to sustain ourselves based on how nature and natural systems work. Designing our social systems, groups, communities and our household living using the same principles gives us an interesting exercise in ‘People Care’, a key Ethic of Permaculture. Try taking each of the Permaculture Principles and explore how your favourite group or a course you’ve just done has integrated each of the …

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‘Dynamic Groups’ Creative Facilitation Course Feedback

“Hi RobinRemember we (Ruth and Tommy) did both the Permaculture Design Course and the Facilitators Course with you in …. Oct/Nov 1994 I think it was. Since then my life has gone in perhaps a different direction, as I realised my skills are in working with people rather than with plants.So now I am a holistic counsellor offering various vibrational energy based ways of helping others, plus I run small groups offering similar skills – either self care or practitioner skillsI also taught at Sophia College for a while, teaching people to become holistic counsellors.In all my work I have been …

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‘Social Permaculture’ Weekend Workshop

Robin’s been invited to create and offer her first ever ‘Social Permaculture – Working Together for Change’ Weekend Workshop at Penny Pyett’s new Permaculture Sydney Institute retreat centre, Bundusia near St Ambans. Join us on 9th and 10th February for a wonderful world first. Click here to see more info.

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