A design system based on the common sense principles of nature and often used to design gardens, landscapes, buildings and even social systems.

‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ 6 Day

14th to 19th November at Crystal Waters. The full version of Robin’s ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ training is offered specially for Permaculture, Community Gardens, Transionin Towns and Enviromentally minded folks wanting to develop more skills, processes and confidence in training, facilitation, teaching and mentoring in a creative, interactive way. A contingent of travelling Permaculture enthusiasts will be attending as part of the Planetary Permaculture Pilgrimage to Australia. Click here to veiw a copy of Robin’s flier for the course Click here to see the PR for the whole PPP tour

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‘Permaculture Meets Creative Design’

An Introductory Weekend Adventure with Robin Clayfield and Mark Healy 22nd to 24th July Spend a full weekend at Crystal Waters Permaculture Eco-Village immersed in learning, creativity, community experiences, hands-on gardening, fun and connection with nature. Understand the principles of Permaculure as they relate to garden design, rural community layout, village design and social design by experiencing and observing them in a diversity of contexts throughout the weekend. Explore designing, making and using gardens of shapes and symbols and create a labyrinth and other garden features to bring any backyard to life. Enjoy delicious local food that does justice to the  theme of …

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