Social Permaculture

Social Permaculture Smorgasboard

What is Social Permaculture? As a culture and a movement for positive global change we’re getting better and better at designing our gardens, food systems, buildings and landscapes using Permaculture Principles, common sense ways of sensitively developing systems to sustain ourselves based on how nature and natural systems work. Designing our social systems, groups, communities and our household living using the same principles gives us an interesting exercise in ‘People Care’, a key Ethic of Permaculture. Try taking each of the Permaculture Principles and explore how your favourite group or a course you’ve just done has integrated each of the …

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Southern Winter Tour

Time to pack the winter woolies in June and head to the cold country  for several courses in Blue Mts, St Albans and Bermagui. Click on the links for a flier and join us, we’ll be on fire for sure with all this great learning and skill building. ‘Dynamic Decision Making’  Leura Blue Mts on 5th June ‘Social Permaculture’  Bandusia Retreat, St Albans via Sydney 8th and 9th June ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’  Bandusia Retreat, St Albans via Sydney 10th to 13th June ‘Dynamic Decision Making’ at The Crossing, Bermagui, Sth Coast NSW 17th June

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‘Social Permaculture’ Weekend Workshop

Robin’s been invited to create and offer her first ever ‘Social Permaculture – Working Together for Change’ Weekend Workshop at Penny Pyett’s new Permaculture Sydney Institute retreat centre, Bundusia near St Ambans. Join us on 9th and 10th February for a wonderful world first. Click here to see more info.

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