September, 2015

  • 25 September

    Future Permaculture


    Future Permaculture At this tumultuous turning point in history, the future remains unwritten and overflowing with possibility. Permaculture is a pathway towards a holistic and healing future in which life on the planet is returned to balance. Robin Clayfield, one of the Grandmothers of Permaculture, has been surfing the edge of permaculture’s potential and helping forge a design pathway into an amazing future for our World and its people. She offers a variety of tools, games, books and courses for evolving the art and skill of creative facilitation.   Robin Clayfield Film produced by Dana S Wilson envoy …

August, 2015

  • 13 August

    Introducing ‘ELFy’ the Magician

    Elfy Magician dynamic groups

    DaDarrr! Introducing to the world ELFy the Magician – mascot, champion and colourful jigsaw puzzle symbol for Robin’s ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ methodology.  The magician represents all the elements which together create healthy, happy and successful groups, teams and learning environments. Robin expresses much gratitude to her amazing partner Rob Clark for creating this stunning artwork and for backing her, her passion and her purpose in the world so beautifully. Robin also acknowledges Monica Monero from Spain for her original design of the magician several years ago and for creating the animation on the YouTube clip that presents the methodology.   The …

February, 2015

  • 24 February

    Permaculture Solutions to Climate Change


    ROBIN CLAYFIELD Permaculture Solutions to Climate Change IPC11 Cuba This Guest Presentation by ROBIN CLAYFIELD at the International Permaculture Conference in Cuba gives an unconventional Talk about Permaculture Solutions to Climate Change – IPC11 Cuba. Comments on Youtube include: Kurt Holbrook “ Clearly, the very most neglected subject in Permaculture, Social Development, this speaker is brilliant, but the audio is over dubbed with Spanish translation making this release difficult to follow. I’m looking for Robin Clayfield’s attention and vitalization of the second Permaculture Principle, Care of the People, elsewhere. Thumbs up for Robin, thumbs down for the audio. I really …

September, 2013

August, 2011

  • 30 August

    Pecha Kucha night 2011

      Sunshine Coast, Australia, 2 Aug 2011 Robin Clayfield: Facilitator, Author and Permaculture ActivistThe 20 things that I lovePecha Kucha Night in Noosa, Sunshine Coast, 20 slides x 20 seconds: Green Love