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Recent Posts

Woodford Folk Festival Sacred Union Labyrinth

Sacred Union LabyrinthWoodford Folk Festival, held in December for 6 days each year, is the biggest and most acclaimed festival of it’s kind in Australia. For the last two years Robin and her troupe of installation artists, ceremony weavers and musicians have made her design of ‘The Sacred Union Labyrinth’ as a 10 x 10 meter meditative walk that patrons can experience any time during the festival. Sacred Union LabyrinthA magical pathway leads through a bamboo construction heart entranceway and via a series of pennants that give instructions about how to walk the labyrinth. Four times during the festival she and Mark Healy, who was the spark behind Robin designing the labyrinth, with support from Christine Clegg, Rob Clark and Stephane Cazard, lead sacred community ceremonies accompanied by a merry band of four musicians to the delight of everyone involved. The whole installation was embellished with Rob Clark’s amazing sign art and this last year by Glen Christie’s beautiful sculptural art pieces. Facilitating community ceremony is one of Robin’s big passions and it is no doubt hoped, by the thousands who walked the Labyrinth, that it becomes a permanent feature of the festival for years to come. Fingers crossed! There’s now a special FaceBook page for the Labyrinth. Click here to like the page

APC12 Report – Having Fun and Facilitating at the Australasian Permaculture Convergence – 9th to 12th March, Penguin, Tasmania

What a surprise! The opening evening saw Robin and 13 others acknowledged and honoured as Elders of the Permaculture Community. It was explained that you had to be over 55, contributed substantially over many years to Permaculture and be present at the Convergence. Robin accepted the plaque with tears in her eyes and a joyous heart. Permaculture Edlers APC12Tassie

Robin was one of four key note presenters at the Australasian Permaculture Convergence in March. She presented directly after David Holmgren on the first day and led the 200 attendees in an interactive greeting, icebreaking, networking and theme building session entitled ‘Social design and the culturing of Permaculture.’ It was obviously enjoyed and appreciated by all with everyone feeding back their theme groups suggestions with enthusiasm and team support. A lot was achieved in the one hour session and the energy of it carried out into the rest of the convergence.

Robin’s workshop the next day ‘Expanding the Edge of Teaching Permaculture Creatively’ drew a full to bursting room. In the midst of the workshop several of the people attending, having previously been to one of Robin’s ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ courses, were invited to jump in to present a snippet of one or two of the processes that they’d gleaned or evolved from doing the course. They were on the spot, facilitating the group and showing how they were using and expanding ‘Dynamic Groups’ tools and processes. Lots of fun, activity and colour kept everyone awake in the after lunch session.

IMG_5932-2 The closing afternoon saw Robin lead all the completion activities, including the now traditional ‘Jumping’. Many of the attendees stood up on stage, spoke a strong intention they were taking on to action over the next period of time, handed Robin the microphone and jumped off the stage. Some jumped in pairs, teams or regional groups to the applause and joy of the audience. Robin also led a healing ceremony in honour of the co-originator of Permaculture Bill Mollison with everyone feeling love and care in their hearts and sending that out to him via a specially made plaque. The final closing ceremony was a beautiful spiral dance which Robin lead to the wonderful funky music track by Deva Presence entitled ‘Source of Life: Permaculture’. Here’s a link to check out his album ‘in Abundance’.

2015 ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Creative Facilitation, Teacher Training and Group Leadership Courses

Robin’s offering just 2 ‘Dynamic Groups’ Courses this year as she’s busy writing a series of books on ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’.  CardGamePuppetsDGCW2014

23rd to 27th August in UK at The Sustainability Centre, Hampshire ENGLAND with Looby Macnamara as a Special Guest. Enquire and Register with Looby at www.designedvisions.co.uk   

Click here to see the poster and details

15th to 20th November in Australia at Crystal Waters Permaculture Village, SE Q’ld. Enquire and Register with Robin via email – robin@earthcare.com.au 

Click here to see the poster and details

Permaculture Solutions to Climate Change

ROBIN CLAYFIELD Permaculture Solutions to Climate Change IPC11 Cuba

This Guest Presentation by ROBIN CLAYFIELD at the International Permaculture Conference in Cuba gives an unconventional Talk about Permaculture Solutions to Climate Change – IPC11 Cuba.

Comments on Youtube include:

Kurt Holbrook “ Clearly, the very most neglected subject in Permaculture, Social Development, this speaker is brilliant, but the audio is over dubbed with Spanish translation making this release difficult to follow. I’m looking for Robin Clayfield’s attention and vitalization of the second Permaculture Principle, Care of the People, elsewhere. Thumbs up for Robin, thumbs down for the audio. I really appreciate harvesting ideas from Permacuture elders and including the rest of the groups, we get nothing like it in democratic forums.”
TrilightShowroomsorry about the audio but this recordings where done spontaneously by a group of participants who got to know each other and forming in the first hour of the conference without planning it and -with no funding –

Only ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Training in Australia this Year

Robin Clayfield is celebrating over 21 years of training teachers, facilitators, trainers,  presenters and group leaders. She is writing it all down and indulging in a partial sabbatical time so will only be offering one ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Creative Facilitation and Teacher Training this year. dynamic groups logo

It will be a 6 day residential intensive adventure and not to be missed if you’ve been waiting awhile to do one of Robin’s highly acclaimed and respected courses.

13th to 18th October 2014

at Crystal Waters Eco-Village in SE Queensland

Click here to view a poster for the course

There is a ‘Sliding Scale’ for payment, concession prices and payment plans available.

Permaculture Book Reprinted after 12 years Out of Print

Robin Clayfield’s classic book ‘You Can Have Your Permaculture and Eat It Too’ has finally been reprinted. It’s had a thorough re-edit, been completely re-formatted and had a partial content upgrade bringing all the information up to date. The Index is now twice the size, there’s 6 new illustrations and the amazing Rob Clark has re-designed the cover which looks really classy with a matt finish. The book was first published 17 years ago and contains 13 years of Robin’s life. She spent over a year drawing much of the info out of her head into the manuscript. The print run all sold out and for 12 years now has only been available as a photocopied version.

See a 20 page taster of the book in the shop now or buy the book from the web site shop by clicking this link. It’s also available from this website as an e-book supplied via Dropbox. Click the link above to purchase it that way.

As well as coming back as a quality product, it’s now also available as an e-book through Amazon and other sites.

Click here to go to the book on Amazon

A ‘Print-On-Demand version for people outside Australia will be available early next year.