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Recent Posts

‘Dynamic Groups’ Creative Facilitation Course Feedback

“Hi Robin
Remember we (Ruth and Tommy) did both the Permaculture Design Course and the Facilitators Course with you in …. Oct/Nov 1994 I think it was. 
Since then my life has gone in perhaps a different direction, as I realised my skills are in working with people rather than with plants.
So now I am a holistic counsellor offering various vibrational energy based ways of helping others, plus I run small groups offering similar skills – either self care or practitioner skills
I also taught at Sophia College for a while, teaching people to become holistic counsellors.
In all my work I have been significantly influenced by what I learned with you on those courses, especially the facilitators course. So much so, that really I just take your approach ‘for granted’ – take it as normal.
All my work that I offer is experiential in nature, actively engaging the people in their own process
Staying clear of intellectualising as much as possible, engaging the wholeness of the person.
I learned to do this with you.
I can’t imagine any other way of being now.
Occasionally I end up at some lecture where the teacher is not behaving like this and I am so bored!
But I think this is still the norm out there maybe?
So I feel very fortunate to have done those courses with you back then.
And the fact I engage with live plants very infrequently – I still gained so much in terms of helping others,
and by that helping the planet in a way that matches my skills.
Also of course those 3 weeks we spent with you at Crystal Waters were personally so empowering and transforming for me. At the end of them I felt I could do anything!!!
While that feeling hasn’t persisted (!) life being a continuing growth challenge – still the transformation has been forever:) Probably without attending your courses I never would have dreamt of doing what I do now
Outside of my previous thought boxes of constraint and into who I truly am:):)
Oh well that’s a continuing journey too, but those 3 weeks spent with you were a huge and significant leap towards my potential. 
I guess that’s part of it, you helped me to see I had so much more potential than I dared to dream of,
And that you showed us how to bring this out in others too.
Thanks…. really thanks:)
Love Ruth”

Southern Winter Tour

Time to pack the winter woolies in June and head to the cold country 

for several courses in Blue Mts, St Albans and Bermagui.

Click on the links for a flier and join us, we’ll be on fire for sure with all this great learning and skill building.

‘Dynamic Decision Making’  Leura Blue Mts on 5th June

‘Social Permaculture’  Bandusia Retreat, St Albans via Sydney 8th and 9th June

‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’  Bandusia Retreat, St Albans via Sydney 10th to 13th June

‘Dynamic Decision Making’ at The Crossing, Bermagui, Sth Coast NSW 17th June

‘Social Permaculture’ Weekend Workshop

Robin’s been invited to create and offer her first ever ‘Social Permaculture – Working Together for Change’ Weekend Workshop at Penny Pyett’s new Permaculture Sydney Institute retreat centre, Bundusia near St Ambans.

Join us on 9th and 10th February for a wonderful world first.

Click here to see more info.

‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Courses for 2013

Robin Clayfield’s Creative Facilitation Teacher Training Courses – ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ are being offered all over the world this year. Click on the links for each course below for a flier of the first few and feel welcome to share with friends if you feel to support.

Sydney, St Albans – 5th to 8th February

Melbourne, Eltham College – 19th to 24th February

Cairns and Darwin maybe in July/August

Sth East Q’ld, Crystal Waters Eco-Village – 26th to 31st August

Canada – October, Brazil – November. Here’s a general flier. 

Permaculture Weekend Course at Crystal Waters Eco-Village. A Photographic Recount

Have a look at this great document that Rumi put together after attending and supporting me with my ‘Permaculture  Meets Creative Design’ Weekend back in August. Rumi (Rut Noemi Nicolau Ordinas) is from Spain and has been WHISPing (my version of WWOOFing – Willing Helpers in Special Places) with me since May. This is her recount of the workshop and it has great photos and active sequences of Sheet Mulch Gardening, Hot Composting, Small Garden Design with instructions so people can re-create these for themselves and a few other interesting bits of information.


Youtube Video of Crystal Waters


An interesting interview by 2 French Visitors to Crystal Waters asking Robin Clayfield about her time living at Crystal Waters. Thanks to Philippe and Audrey of Association Bio-logiques for their initiative with this.