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Recent Posts

New Patreon Support Platform for Robin and Dynamic Groups

Robin and her ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ team are excitedly preparing to launch a Patreon Page at the beginning of May. The aim is to invite and gather support from everyone globally who appreciates and uses the ‘Dynamic Groups’ methodology or who would welcome the tools, ideas, confidence and processes that Robin’s gathered and developed in 25 years of wisdom gathering while training hundreds, probably thousands, of teachers, facilitators and group leaders. 

Robin Clayfield Teaching Permaculture Creatively
Robin Facilitating in UK 2015

The support will fund assistance for Robin to finish writing a series of five books on the subject and several e-books and mini books plus audio and pod casts, webinars and creative resources. 

Fantastic rewards will be offered for those who become Patrons. They will receive the first book in e-book chapters, written as complete mini books as they become available and many interesting and diverse offerings. The more support there is the quicker the books will become available. Likewise, the more support there is the more Robin will be able to pay Erin Young to assist with development and communication and Rob Clark to work on the graphics and design for the books.

The hugest reward for Robin and all who applaud her work will be the completion and distribution of the books to the benefit of thousands of people globally and hopefully a positive and creative shift in education, facilitation and training globally. 

Stay tuned for the launch and express interest to robin by email on robin@earthcare.com.au

‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning Course’ in Oz in October

DATE CLAIMER – 16th to 21st October 2017.

‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Creative Facilitation and Teacher Training Residential Intensive at Crystal Waters EcoVillage.

Created, Hosted and Facilitated by Robin Clayfield.

Book now, as a result of reading this post and receive a $50 discount on the course fee.

Robin’s Signature Process, a Group Handshake.

The course will be held at Crystal Waters in SE Q’ld and will be the only one in Australian for the year as Robin will be overseas offering ‘Dynamic Groups’ in many countries through UK and Europe during the Australian winter. Later in the year she’ll be in India for the International Permaculture Convergence.

She wasn’t planning to do this course in her home country at all this year but due to many requests and interest, dates have been booked. When she works in her home community of Crystal Waters she gets to bring all her resources and employ the very best cooks who use local and organic produce. They are always the best. If you’d like to use the payment plan system you are welcome to book in now and begin paying so it’s all covered by the time the course starts or just pay a $300 deposit to hold your place.


Here’s the Link to the poster for more information



or visit the Dynamic Groups Web Site


Shared Understandings, Vision, Mission Statements + Good Planning

Recently Robin was asked to facilitate a three hour session for a new arm of a training college. Her brief was to support them to come up with an Intention, a Mission Statement and do some Visioning. When considering the difference between a Mission Statement and a Vision Statement Robin felt a definition could be useful and found she could refer to a chapter in her upcoming book that she’d already written to guide her planning. 

Here’s the definitions:-
Group Purpose – A Groups Purpose is it’s intention or reason for existing.

A Mission Statement – Frames up the purpose or intention of the group, business or organisation into a summary of core purpose, aims, values and focus as a way to channel the groups actions, define it’s goals and guide decision making. It says what the group is, what it does, why it exists, and how it does what it does,.including reference to core values. It can name it’s primary participants, products and services and it’s location. It is designed to inspire all who read it beyond and also including the members of the group.

A Vision Statement – Describes in visual and graphic language the desired destination of the group, business or organisation. It declares objectives, encourages alignment with the groups goals and paints a picture of the future while inspiring and giving direction to members. It says where the group is going, it’s dream for the future and what it wants to become in a living document that is revisited and revised periodically. It’s usually an internal communication.

The start of placing Values in the centre of ‘Robina McCurdy’s Holistic Goal Setting Mandala’ which Robin C. uses a lot in guiding group planning and visioning.

The outcome of the planning session with the college was fruitful and included an awareness that for any planning to proceed a shared understanding about the values underpinning the organisation was pivotal. This was approached by asking everyone, in their own quiet space, to write down all the vales they felt were ‘Core’ to the new organisation. One value per slip of paper. Each value was then grouped with others that were the same and placed in the centre. Agreement was sought using a ‘Hand Gauge’ Process and before too long it was clear which Values were important to all in the group and which still needed some thought, clarification or discussion. A lot was achieved in three hours though much more time is needed with any strategic planning to really set a solid foundation upon which to grow and thrive and kind of organisation.

Stay tuned for an e-book to be released soon on ‘Shared Understandings, Visions and Dynamic Group Foundational Planning’.

Email Robin to express interest.

The Sacred Union Labyrinth at Woodford Folk Festival – Very Soon

It’s almost time for the 31st Woodford Folk Festival in SE Qld which takes place over the Christmas/New Year period. Robin and her team are busy harvesting bamboo, making giant sculptured petals, collecting resources, materials and objects from nature and generally preparing to create and construct ‘The Sacred Union Labyrinth’ for the fourth year running.

The Entrance, Photographed during the 2015-16 Woodford Folk Festival, SE Qld, Australia.

The Labyrinth has become an integral and much loved destination at the festival where people can walk it anytime or attend one of the four Ceremonies which feature a five piece band and a six person Ceremony team. Directly after each Ceremony ‘Djuelu the Village Scribe’ (Rob Clark) will be present to write meaningful words on parchment to commemorate people’s Labyrinth walk. At other times ‘Tinkerbell’ will provide music to walk to and there will most likely be some Pop Up chiors. Come join the fun, delight and sacred adventure.

An Evening Ceremony Last Year


Times for the Ceremonies are:- 

Tuesday 27th – 10am to 11.30am
Wednesday 28th – 7.30pm to 9pm
Friday 30th – 7.30pm to 9pm
Sunday 1st January – 2pm to 3.30pm

 Visit the ‘Sacred Union Labyrinth’ FaceBook Page
and the Woodford Website and Program

UK and Europe ‘Dynamic Groups’ Course Tour Mid Year 2017

An exciting and full three month tour for Robin and her ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Courses is planned for May, June and July of 2017 covering six countries with additional courses, workshops and presentations planned including a Weekend Women’s Workshop in Switzerland.

uk-sustainability-centreFirst stop will be The Sustainability Centre in East Meon, Hampshire, where Robin offered her Dynamic Groups course last year with Looby Macnamara and was one of five facilitators running a five day Social Permaculture course. Here’s the link to the course that’s on from 15th to 20th May http://www.sustainability-centre.org/dynamic-groups-course.html

and their home page www.sustainability-centre.org

Having done a one day Creative Facilitation workshop for Permacultura Mediterranea and being invited back to Mallorca, Robin will be offering the full six day Dynamic Groups course from 28th May to 2nd June. 

Then onto Italy followed by Switzerland, then possibly Germany and Slovenia but those two aren’t confirmed yet. All is still in the organising stages so please stay tuned and email robin@earthcare.com.au to express interest.

Jumping into the Future in a Dynamic Collaboration

In March 2008 Robin initiated an innovative completion process for the ‘Future Visions’ session on the final day of the APC9 (Australasian Permaculture Convergence. Sydney), having been invited to facilitate the three hour session. Her now infamous ‘Jumping’ Process has been the completion for all four APC’s since and has been introduced to the IPC (International Permaculture Convergence) in Cuba and last year in UK.

Photo of a group jumping at APC13 WA
Group ‘Jumping’ with an intention. Photo thanks to Russ Grayson at APC13 WA

At APC13 in WA in October Robin led the ‘Jumping’ on the final day and along with many others also had a turn jumping off the stage. Erin Young and Robin held hands and jumped together into a future of supporting each other to achieve success in Robin’s business in such a way that it creates an income for both Erin and Robin and also for Erin to support Robin to get her next book out there in the world.

Erin and Robin on a Facilitation Trip to Narara EcoVillage last year
Erin and Robin on a Facilitation Trip to Narara EcoVillage last year

The process has started and they recently spent a day brainstorming and planning Robin’s business using Sociocracy as a model to map all the aspects of the business. Yes, Sociocracy can be used for planning in this way as well as to Govern a large corporation or organisation. You are invited to watch this space for collaborations, outcomes, strategies, invitations and offerings.

Our next e-newsletter and series of blogs will feature an article on ‘Jumping’ and also more on Sociocracy.