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Recent Posts

August Dynamic Groups Course a Success

We had a wonderful, creative and productive residential course for six days in the last week of August. People from all walks of life attended and a highlight was having a few people participate who had been wanting to do the course for several years and had finally made the time to come.dg-cw-course-2016-small-file
Here’s some of the comments in the feedback forms “I loved the richness and diversity of content in Robin’s course. Everyday overflowing with an abundance of creative processes and opportunities for practising skills in a safe environment.” Clare Hopkins. Artist and Art Therapist.
“Supportive and inclusive of all learners and levels of experience. Fantastic planning and coordination. Space held with beauty, ease and grace.”
“Feeling safe and supported. Excellent facilitation. Creative, spontaneous, yet seamless and highly professional. Practical and hands-on.”

“Robin holds a beautiful nurturing space for creative learning and is generous with her sharing. A fantastic experience.” Tracey Smith
Dates for the next one at Crystal Waters, South East Qld are 16th to 21st October 2017.

‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Group on FaceBook

AAADynamic Groups Sydney May 2010 3Have you noticed on FaceBook that there’s a ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Group that you can join to see, hear, learn, share, experience and be inspired by posts and shares that members of the group make related to group dynamics, team building, learning, interesting courses, YouTube clips, quotes… anything that’s relevant. 

We’re a small group, just over 400 people but growing slowly as people find out about it. Maybe you’re one. Thank you and please share any great things you see out there that may be of interest to members. We envisage this as a juicy, interesting and exciting space to share and learn and grow more together in life long learning and dynamic group work.

You’re invited to join https://www.facebook.com/groups/192727033179/ and please share posts, images, stories, ideas etc. The more of us that contribute the better and more diverse and informative it becomes for all of us.

Why Use Sociocracy for a Groups Structure and Organisation?

by Erin Young

Erin's been passionate about Sociocracy for years now and supports people to learn more about it.
Erin’s been passionate about Sociocracy for years now and supports people to learn more about it and implement it as an organisation,

Achieving our dreams and visions for a world that cares for earth, people, spirit and fair share of abundance and resources requires dynamic and effective organisation. This form of organisation is designed with transparency, effectiveness and equal-value, governed by a resilience resembling nature’s inherently sophisticated feedback loops, and provides connection, trust and fulfilment. Sociocracy is a social technology for the governance and facilitation of these groups and organisations. Based on circle process, the methodology allows a clarity of group purpose on macro and micro levels, bringing together all elements of the system through a balanced “power-with” autonomy. Founded on the both/and approach, Sociocracy allows for both flat-structure at the appropriate level and a hierarchy of focus. Each person is invited to become a leader in their domain of influence, collaboratively deciding on operational policy in semi-autonomous self-organising groups in order to achieve the organisational mission.

Stay tuned for a more expansive article on Sociocracy by Erin in other blogs and our next e-newsletter.

WA Permaculture Convergence and Teachers Course

Western Australia was alive with it’s amazingly colourful and diverse wild flowers when Robin was there visiting for three weeks in October to attend the APC 13 (Australasian Permaculture Convergence) and present a five day Advanced Permaculture Teachers course. wa-wildflowersRobin was invited by Ross Mars, the convener of APC 13 and post APC courses, and was hosted very well by Ross, Charles Otway and other PermaWest members.

The convergence was held in the Swan Valley and the weather was atrocious. Flying from warm spring days in Queensland to really cold blistery days for the whole 1st week in WA, the attendees were, like Robin, mostly unprepared and very cold. The spirits of all gathered were really high though and the great connections, time with old friends, valuable networking and interesting presentations and workshops made it all worthwhile.

Robin enjoyed being a Key Presenter at the big public day preceding the Convergence and offered the opening session on the main stage entitled Social Permaculture.

35 people attended her Creative Facilitation workshop at the Convergence and her books, training resources and new educational card games were very well received. A big sellers were her new USB product containing many of her resources digitally and the new Permaculture Principles Card Game.

juliefirthA highlight of the journey was a two day field trip up to Julie Firth’s abundant semi arid Permaculture property in Geraldton visiting broad acre farms and passing natural spots of beauty along the way.

charlesannaliesemeRobin was joined by two of the new generation of Permaculture teachers, Annaliese Hordern and Charles Otway, to present a dynamic ‘Advanced Permaculture Teachers’ course at Rochingham the week after the convergence. It was located on the beach. Wow! The largest sandpit one could ask for. Robin was able to include the basics of her ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ methodology in amongst a valuable diversity of other sessions. Working with Annaliese and Charles was really wonderful and rich. Participants gave great feedback and there was a feeling afterwards to do it again sometime.

To cap off her journey Robin was hosted at Fair Harvest, a family Permaculture farm in Margaret River run by Jody Lane. It’s the most beautiful, educational and functional farm and hosts guests, students, WWOOFers, Cafe’s, events and festivals. fairharvestgardentruckThe Saturday saw her and Robina McCurdy from NZ offer a Social Permaculture Day and then Robin followed that with a Dynamic Decision Making day. Once again everyone was really happy and grateful for the learning and Robin, Robina and Jody were all thankful and happy for the time spent together. Robin got to stay in the beautifully fitted out ‘Circus Truck’, acquired from Permaculture song writer and performer Charlie McGee.circus-truck

Much Gratitude and Honour to all the hosts and participants involved in this magical and successful journey that enabled Robin to share more of her gifts and passion with the world.

Northey Steet City Farm two Day Intro to Dynamic Groups

Great feedback was received from participants in Robin’s two day Intro to ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ course at Northey Street City Farm recently.

Organised by the Education Coordinator of the farm, Emma Brindle, the course attracted people from as far away as Hong Kong while also catering to employees and teachers at the inner city Brisbane farm. AAADynamic Groups Sydney May 2010 4

“In two days I feel I have gained a more comprehensive framework and set of tools than in my teaching degree.” Ken

“As dense, tasty and wholesome as a slice of sourdough TOAST.”

“The two day intro has opened up a world of possibilities when facilitating groups learning. A must for educators.” Gavin N.S.C.F.

“This course gave me a toolbox of practical processes so I can facilitate exciting, effective learning experiences.” Ronnie Martin

Dynamic Groups Course held at Crystal Waters

We had this Course over the last week of August, below is the information if you are interested for 2017! Dates for the next one are 16th to 21st October 2017 at Crystal Waters SE Qld . 

Robin’s ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ six day residential course in Australia for 2016 was held at Crystal waters. It’s quite possible she won’t run one in Australia at all next year as she’ll be overseas offering it in many countries through UK and Europe then later in the year in India. Dynamic Groups Card Circle

If you’ve been thinking for ages about doing this course, now’s the time. There’s a good number booked in and still a few places left. 

In short, it’s a professional development training to gain more skills, confidence and processes that inspire, inform and create success in all our groups and learning environments. It also increases the good work being done in education, group facilitation and leadership locally and globally.


Click here to see the poster with details and costs

Here’s the link to the FaceBook Event Page

Or read on for more detail and course content.

Magician Elfy
ELFy the Magician is a jigsaw puzzle. When all the pieces are put together you have a successful, dynamic group with everyone’s needs being met. Plus it’s fun and info is retained.

The jigsaw puzzle of groups learning and working together becomes an adventure in Creative Facilitation, Interactive Learning Methods, Personal Empowerment, Confidence Building, Workshop Planning and Skills Development as Robin inspires participants with her cutting edge learning methodology and supports all participants to have the skills, tools and confidence to create dynamic groups and support effective, fun and successful learning environments.

This unique and highly acclaimed 6 day Training, developed and fine-tuned for over 24 years by Robin and Friends, is offered for Facilitators, Teachers, Trainers, Groups Leaders, Workshop Presenters, Change Agents, Community Development Workers and People in Creative, Healing and Sustainability Industries and often includes people involved in Permaculture, Community Gardens, City Farms, Transition Towns Initiatives, Environmental Education, Sustainability and Social Change as well as a sprinkling of conventional teachers, corporate people, healers, business planners, gender workers and key note presenters. people new to training and facilitation also find they are not overwhelmed or out of place.

Course overview

* The course equips people with the understanding and skills of what is ‘best practice’, leading edge’ learning and facilitation methods through immersion and practical hands on experiences.

* It models and creatively empowers participants to create their own Dynamic Groups through putting together all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of what is important and often essential for effective learning and group work to be successful.

This aspect probably makes it the most holistic learning methodology around. The ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Methodology is used as the basis for the course and by the end everyone has had the experience that ‘Magic happens in dynamic groups and learning happens easily’. Not only do they have this experience but they often get to feel what its like to facilitate this for others in the group.

* It’s about achieving more confidence, fluency and often mastery in the art and skill of facilitating learning as opposed to presenting or teaching information using methods taught in Uni or Teacher Training colleges.

* It’s not designed to assist people to teach a specific subject or topic though it does do that naturally. It’s aimed at supporting people to facilitate, teach, train or present any topic or subject or lead a meeting or group in a way that engages people, is motivating, fun and memorable and where everyone in the group has input and consequently is empowered by the experience. The success of these ‘Dynamic Groups’ is measured by smiling faces and virtually 100% positive feedback.

Creating resources for a presentation at a Crystal Waters 'Dynamic Groups 'Course
Creating resources for a presentation at a Crystal Waters ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning ‘Course

* Creative planning methods and resource development bring much colour and aliveness to the course.

* A huge ‘toolbox’ is built and expands throughout the course, full of creative processes, ‘glue processes’, all kinds of appropriate and useful processes.

* The things that really set it apart from other learning methodologies and courses is the interactive learning environment, the creative processes and the underlying commitment to the empowerment of every person and the whole group.