August, 2016

  • 2 August

    Community Permaculture


    Robin introducing Community Permaculture When people come together in groups or communities, they are capable of being an empowered force for positive change. Permaculture is a uniquely creative way to facilitate group dynamics and governance. Robin Clayfield has been facilitating holistic learning programs for individuals, groups and organizations for decades. She is one of the Pioneers of Permaculture and her life’s work has included bringing her dynamic educational methods and processes to people all across the planet. Her many offerings include training on Community Governance and Decision Making as well as Dynamic Learning.  Film produced by Dana Wilson Robin …

July, 2016

  • 19 July

    Heart Permaculture – A video made in UK by Gaiacraft Team 2016


    Thanks to Dana Wilson, Delvin Solkinson and the dynamic Gaiacraft Team, Robin Clayfield’s life grab, entitled ‘Heart Permaculture’ is now available for you to look at. Robin was invited to be interviewed on camera and the outcome is four short video clips plus this one, presented to a 45 person audience during the Social Permaculture Course in UK last September. Can you tell there are 45 people watching? It’s also way there’s no direct eye contact with the camera as she’s scanning and speaking to the whole audience. Other videos by the Gaiacraft Team about Robin’s work and thoughts can …

June, 2016

  • 13 June

    Dynamics Groups Testimonial Video

    AAADG Group Photo

    Testimonial Video from Robin Clayfield’s Dynamic Groups Course November 2015 at Crystal Waters Eco Village.   Further information on the Dynamic Groups Courses  

April, 2016

  • 20 April

    Seeding Social Permaculture


    “Social Permaculture supports People Care and healthy Group Culture”  – Robin Clayfield Softening the Edges Social Permaculture and Beyond There was a special charge in the air and woodland gardens at the Sustainability Centre in the British Countryside. It was here, under the full moon, that a colourful mosaic of people from all ages, languages, cultures and countries was woven together, representing the fabric of the World Community. We met in a circle, bright eyed and open to a creative journey ahead. What followed could not have been known by anyone, not even the facilitators. The Social Permaculture Course emerged …

  • 8 April

    Heart Permaculture


    Permaculture is part of a world wide transformation of human consciousness emerging through the growing awareness of the ecological crisis, its causes and solutions. By applying ecological principles to education, Robin Clayfield has revitalized permaculture learning and teaching. Her creative design methods, transformative mentoring and eldering, as well as learning tools and books have uplifted and empowered thousands around the world. This is the second in a short series of permaculture life stories told by a series of Permaculture Pioneers at a historic Social Permaculture course at the Sustainability Centre in the UK. “We all grow each other up” – …

December, 2015

  • 2 December

    Dynamic Groups and Creative Facilitation

    Gaiacraft Video

    Video : Dynamic Groups and Creative Facilitation with Robin Clayfield      With new understandings of learning and intelligence, the way we approach education and decision making processes is evolving. The realization that creativity and dynamic facilitation is more successful in supporting learners to cultivate an applied understanding implies a whole system redesign for education and governance. Robin Clayfield has dedicated her life to teaching and facilitating groups while pioneering applications for holistic and multi-sensory learning and interactive educational methods. She teaches courses, facilitates groups, offers books and cds, and has a variety of educational card games, resources and learning kits.  …