Robin Clayfield

Robin Clayfield is an international teacher, facilitator and author who is passionate about healthy groups, organisations and communities, their structures and governance and most importantly, their facilitation and group dynamics. She presents and consults all around the world to support global health, well-being and whole systems change through using Permaculture, Social Permaculture and ‘Dynamic Groups’ methodology. Robin is a Permaculture Pioneer and Elder who has lived at Crystal Waters Permaculture Eco-Village in SE Queensland, Australia since 1988. Her books and resources include ‘You Can Have Your Permaculture and Eat It Too’, ‘The New Permaculture Principles Card Game’, ‘The Creative Community Governance and Decision Making Resource Kit’ and the ‘Creative Process Wild Cards’. She is also the co-auther (with Skye in 1995) of ‘The Manual for Teaching Permaculture Creatively’ plus several resources and card games for teachers and facilitators.

Switzerland Hosts ‘Dynamic Groups’ and ‘Women’s Weekend’

Passionate Italian Permaculture woman, mother and PDC Diploma Assessor Barbara Garofoli hosted Robin in the little Swiss alpine village of La Forclaz last year to offer her ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ 6 day training for Permaculture people from across Switzerland and also to follow this by facilitating a Wise Women’s Wisdom Weekend. The experience of being at 1300 meters for two weeks in a traditional village with the venue being a delightful old school building was a big highlight of Robin’s three month European tour. The course was definitely one of the best ever, and that’s certainly saying something, with …

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Exciting Patreon Platform Launch

The excitement was building for weeks up to Robin finally launching on Patreon recently. The idea is to invite you all to support, on a monthly basis, to produce the ‘Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation’ book series. The money received will pay Robin’s team for their much needed and wonderful skills – Rob Clark, Young Erin and Eve Witney.  In exchange for your support there is a range of rewards that you can choose from. The end result will be all of us enhancing and multiplying our skills, knowledge, confidence and ‘toolboxes’ for the empowerment of ourselves, our groups and our world. Please have a …

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Patreon Supports New Book Series

Here is an opportunity & invitation to support a pioneering and greatly creative woman in the broadcasting of tools helping humans to be creative and highly functional together! Robin Clayfield has been pushing the limits of creative facilitation and social permaculture for decades. She’s taking it to the next level by documenting the powerful and effective processes she has developed and collected into a book series; providing an empowering reference resource for facilitators and trainers the world round. If you’ve trained with Robin or been in group settings with her, you will know how deeply engaging and uplifting her work is …

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March 2018 Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning Course in Qld

Robin’s excited to offer her ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Creative Teachers, Facilitators and Group Leaders course at her home community of Crystal Waters in South East Queensland early in the new year. A great way to start the year off and dive more deeply into the tools, methods and skills that support successful groups and courses. Dates are 11th to 16th March 2018 After offering this course all across Europe in 2017 Robin is delighted to be able to easily bring all her resources and materials, library and props etc to the course for the enjoyment and creative enhancement of …

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Dynamic Groups Team for Training and Facilitation Books

In the lead up to the launch of Robin’s Parteon platform here is an introduction to the team who’ll work to help create the series of teaching and facilitation books and resources which are the result from over 25 years experience training people in creative, interactive learning and group work methods. Erin Young (proofreading and manuscript appraisal, e-news, social media, admin and communication support), Rob Clark (graphic design, artist and lettering art legend), and Eve Witney (editing and InDesign tuition) Backing through Patreon will go towards paying these wonderful people who are supporting in producing the Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation book series. …

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Thanks for all Your Support

Thanks to everyone who supported Robin’s ‘Dynamic Groups’ courses and Wise Women’s weekends across Europe. Robin had a wonderful and enriching journey and many people benefited from her offerings. The next ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ 6 day training in Australia will be from 11th to 16th March 2018 at Crystal Waters Permaculture EcoVillage in SE Qld, Australia. Here’s a link to the poster

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