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‘You Can Have Your Permaculture and Eat It Too’
‘Gifts For Wild Women’
‘Manual For Teaching Permaculture Creatively’
‘Seeds For Change’ CD
‘Jambezi’ Music Dance CD
Permaculture and Environmental Education Card Games and Kits
Resources for Training, Learning, Group Dynamics and Facilitation
‘Creative Community Governance and Decision Making’ Resource Kit
‘Group Agreements’ Kit, Decision Making and Discussion Resources

Robin Clayfield has birthed several products since she first collaborated with Skye to write the ‘Manual for Teaching Permaculture Creatively’ in 1994. The Manual was written as a result of many requests from course participants to “write that process down” and was launched at the National Permaculture Convergence in Adelaide.

Skye and Robin also created five Kits and Resources for Permaculture and Environment Ed. Teachers around the same time. These include…

Soils Role-play Kit

Permaculture Principles Card Game

Patterns in Nature Card Game

Partner Cards

Learning Modes and Intelligences Questionnaires

Robin’s first solo journey as an author and publisher began with the creation of ‘You Can Have Your Permaculture and Eat It Too’. Origionally launched in 1996 this popular text shares many of Robin’s recipes from years of cooking for Parmaculture courses along with inspiring ideas for Permaculture design and gardening, always with the kitchen in mind.

After several years of healing from ‘Ross River Fever’ Robin produced ‘Gifts For Wild Women’ as an empowerment tool specifically, but not exclusively, for women. Inspired by the need to nurture and look after herself, the book and card set gives the user easy access to and is a visual reminder to use tools for health, healing and empowerment.

Robin’s Permaculture and Social Action network at times questioned the relationship between these two books and wondered at how different these two genres were. Robin is very conscious of the link between looking after ourselves and being able to give our full vitality to social change work. She has subtly woven Permaculture and Deep Ecology into ‘Gifts For Wild Women’ and see the book as part of Permacultures ‘People Care’ ethic

The CD ‘Seeds for Change’ weaves all the strands of Robin’s work together – Deep Ecology, the Ethics of Permaculture, (Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share and Spirit Care), Personal Empowerment, Inner Work, Social Activism, Music, Ritual and Creativity.

In 2010, as a result of a call from APT (Accredited Permaculture Training)Permaculture Diploma Teacher, Virginia Solomon, Robin designed a specialised course and resource kit along with some training resources for ‘Creative Community Governance and Decision Making’. Community Governance and Decision Making was one of the Diploma units. The kit and the resources are now available and support groups leaders, facilitaters, committee, board and group members to make decisions and have discussions in a more harmonious, creative, inclusive, fun and empowering way. A special ‘Group Agreements’ Resource Kit was also created as part of this intense creative time.

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