30 attendees at 'The Chapel By The Sea' in Bondi

Dynamic Decision Making


A one day Professional Development workshop designed to assist existing and newly establishing groups to develop good governance and decision making processes essential to the growth of a healthy group culture and happy human relations, vital to the long term success of any community project.

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30 attendees at ‘The Chapel By The Sea’ in Bondi

 Look at the difference between Government and Governance and existing Organisational Structures – what works, what doesn’t

 Use and explore a Tool box full of Creative Decision Making Processes and try some of them out so people have new ideas to take back to their groups

 Highlight and experiment with Creative Processes that help groups have Discussions, Meetings, Explore Information and Generate Ideas, Multiply Energy, Gather Information and have fun at the same time

 Feel Empowered in Groups – Understand what structures and elements work best for this

 Build Networks, Support Groups, Buddy Systems and Mentoring around ‘Problem Solving’, Group Work and Community Building

 Model Creative Decision Making

 Connect and share in an Interactive, Dynamic Group environment

 Apply the Principles and Ethics of Permaculture to Group Structure and Function

Goals for the workshop set at the Port Kembla Course