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Recent Posts

‘Permaculture Meets Creative Design’

An Introductory Weekend Adventure with Robin Clayfield and Mark Healy

22nd to 24th July

Spend a full weekend at Crystal Waters Permaculture Eco-Village immersed in learning, creativity, community experiences, hands-on gardening, fun and connection with nature. Understand the principles of Permaculure as they relate to garden design, rural community layout, village design and social design by experiencing and observing them in a diversity of contexts throughout the weekend. Explore designing, making and using gardens of shapes and symbols and create a labyrinth and other garden features to bring any backyard to life. Enjoy delicious local food that does justice to the  theme of this workshop.

Click here for a flier with more information

‘The Love Feast’ – Robin’s article in ‘LovingNow’

 Several ‘Being Woman’ and ‘Joining’ facilitators are featured in ‘LivingNow’s’ special ‘LovingNow’ insert this month including and Article on page 16 by Robin about ‘The Love Feast’.

Click here to enjoy reading the many important and interesting articles. 

Thanks to Elizabeth Jewell, Editor of ‘LivingNow’ for her passion and interest inLove,  Relationships and Sacred Union and for encouraging and supporting a healthier planet for us all to share together.

‘The Love Feast’ Weekend Retreat

20th to 22nd May

with Robin Clayfield and Mark Healy at Bellbunya via Eumundi

A creatively facilitated inner work immersion for couples, lovers, friends, co-creators, co-habitators, family members – all who desire a deeper, more honest, sacred and loving relationship.

Click here for a poster for the weekend with details 

‘Being Woman’ Workshops and Ceremony

11th to 13th March

Maranatha, Yandina, Q’ld

Robin will be one of many wonderful facilitators at this year’s ‘Being Woman’ Gathering. She is also part of the 3 woman Ceremonial team with Terri-Anne Goodreid and Heather Price focusing on the Opening and Closing Ceremony and will offer a ‘Sacred Heart Circle’ on the Saturday evening.

This is such a powerful, creative and beautiful gathering to give yourself as a gift.

Click here to see the ‘Being Woman’ Website 

‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’

Robin is offering her unique 4 day intensive at C.E.R.E.S. in Melbourne from 1st to 4th March hosted by Virginia Solomon from Eltham College.

Click here for a poster about the course

Click here for a flier with costs, details and rego

Click here to see more about ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ courses

Creative Community Governance and Decision Making Workshop

at C.E.R.E.S. in Melbourne on 8th March

This is a special one day intensive for people involved in Community organisations and groups who would like more skills, ideas, tools and processes for making decisions and having discussions as a group. It brings in creativity, fun, team builing and successful, interactive processes in a ‘Dynamic Group’ context.

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