Creative Community Governance and Decision Making Resources and Kits

The ‘Creative Community Governance and Decision Making’ Resource kit was developed by Robin in 2010 in response to a request to train the APT Diploma of Permaculture unit on Community Governance and Decision Making. She needed a creative tool to use in the training and having developed other card games for helping learn technical information and for tool box delivery, Robin set to work with the graphic support of Monica Moreno.

It’s full of processes and information and is divided into 3 sections – Governance, Decision Making and Discussion Processes. All are in a A4 coloured card format with the process name on one side and the information and instructions to use the process with a group on the other side. The idea is that a group can try out different processes by selecting a different card each time a process is needed. Most of the processes are creative, interactive and empowering to all participants and support a group to get out of the dominant paradigm of hands up voting and chaired meetings with formal agendas that can sometimes leave participants feeling bored, disengaged or disempowered.

There is a section of introductory information at the front and back up resources at the back which gives templates, handouts and charts.

Other colourful resources where developed to support various processes and a ‘Group Agreement’ kit, complete with it’s own rectangle of ‘Sticky Carpet’, was designed.

Here’s what’s available at present.

Creative Community Governance and Decision Making Resource Kit

Group Agreements Kit with Sticky Carpet

Colours of Empowerment Chart

Many Baskets Chart

Six Thinking Hats Chart

Hand Signals Chart

‘Open Space’ Instruction Signs

Co-opoly Rules and Score Sheets

Government/Governance Chart



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