Group Agreements, Decision Making and Discussion Resources

Supporting a group to make agreements, shared understandings and protocols can save much time and prevent conflict and unease within a group at a later date. Taking the time to put this in place at the beginning of a groups formation or at the start of a meeting or course also empowers a group to work towards it’s purpose rather than get sidetracked with sorting out disputes and misunderstandings that have arisen through the absence of  a common grounding for everyone in the group.

Using colourful, visual, interactive and empowering tools and processes helps to bond the group and build trust and understanding. Robin has designed several Creative Facilitation Resources especially for bringing ease to Group Agreements, Discussions and Decision Making.

The following kits and resources are available

Group Agreements – Laminated Symbols Resource Pack
Group Agreements – A4 Colour Sheets
‘Many Baskets’ A4 Colour Laminated Chart
‘6 Thinking Hats’ A4 Colour Laminated Chart
‘Hand Signals’ A4 Colour Laminated Chart

‘Colours of Empowerment’ A4 Colour Laminated Chart

‘Co-opoly’ – Rules and Score Sheet
‘Open Space Technology’ – 5 A4 Card Instruction Signs
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See also – ‘Happy/Frazzled’ Faces
Group Agreements amongst the 'Many Baskets' process with some of the A4 Charts


Some of the Resources for Group Dynamics, Decision Making and Discussions