‘Seeds For Change’ CD


a C D that can be used in many ways

“May we always be a seed for change in our beautiful world”

“May we all work together for positive change in the world and may the seeds we plant be watered, tended and nurtured with love and hope.”

Robin C

 A personal gift for relaxing, releasing, nurturing, visioning, balancing and for connecting deeply with all that is around us

An auditory way to awaken and sooth the mind and spirit, alone or with others

A resource for teachers, trainers, facilitators, group leaders and earth workers

A valuable tool for healers, therapists, councilors, life coaches, support workers and change agents to use with clients or for self care and taking ‘time out’

A creative offering for global transformation and healing

Exquisite music by Jacinta Foale and Steve McLeish and dynamic sound production by Kaeleen Hunter weave together these 7 original guided journeys by Robin Clayfield

1.  Living Earth Meditation 19.43
2.  Fill Your Heart With Love
3.  Surrender To The Universe 9.17
4.  Trance Dance To Freedom 
5.  Step Into Your Dream 10.17
6.  Divine Balance 13.56
7.  Seeds For Change

 Permission is given to play individual tracks from this CD to groups, school classes, clients and others for the purpose of healing, growing, learning and encouraging Earthcare as long as the source is acknowledged. Thank you and may the world become a better place for all the seeds you plant.

It is hoped that you can feel the energy and love that has guided the project from its inception. The following suggestions and information may be helpful.


Receiving the full gifts of guided journeys and visualizations can take a little practice for some while for others it can be quite easy and natural to imagine and see vivid images of suggested experiences. The more Kinesthetic among us may need to imagine ourselves actually physically walking through the story and experiencing the feelings arising rather than seeing full, colourful visual images. The more we relax, explore and practice visualizations as a tool the more they can work for us.

TO BEGIN A JOURNEY take the phone of the hook and make sure you won’t be disturbed. You may like to take your CD player out into nature or to a place that’s sacred or special for you. If your player is capable of programming and playing just one track and then stopping then do this so that you get time to integrate the journey without the next track coming straight on. Lie, stand or sit in a comfortable position, free of tight or restricting clothing, with your spine straight and your arms and legs uncrossed. (Sitting in a ‘Lotus position’ is fine.)

Three of the journeys are designed to be experienced while standing up – ‘Trance Dance To Freedom’, ‘Step into Your Dream’ and ‘Divine Balance’ while ‘Living Earth Meditation’ calls you to lie down, on the Earth if possible. Breathing is best done through the nose. Take a little time to relax yourself before you begin a journey and allow some gentle time to complete in your own way. You may like to draw for a while, meditate or take a walk in the forest.

The 7th track on the CD is the title track and is a song and journey woven together.

Scroll to the bottom for the words to the song …


1. ‘Living Earth Meditation’. For many years I would read ‘Gaia Meditations’ to my Permaculture Design Courses as we began learning about forests and living systems. Written by John Seed and Joanna Macy, this meditation is printed in their book ‘Thinking Like A Mountain’ and takes the participant through the 4 elements and the wonders of the ‘Big Bang’. I acknowledge and thank them both for their wonderful gifts. In my courses I would often have participants who had other creation stories as part of their culture or religion so began ‘asking the Universe’ for a journey that would connect people deeply with the Earth and all beings and also be acceptable to most peoples belief systems. In quiet relaxation time in Mexico, before teaching a course, ‘Living Earth Meditation’ evolved and has now been shared with hundreds of people from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds. It is suitable for children as well as adults and may support our future generations to grow up with a deep connection and respect for all living things. It is hoped that global action is inspired from this place of deep connection with Earth and all beings rather than fear being the motivator.

2. ‘Fill Your Heart With Love’. Many years ago in a meditation circle led by Patricia Athena I experienced being guided through a heart opening meditation that was the seed for this Journey.

3. ‘Surrender To The Universe’. The seed for this Journey was planted in me over 15 years ago by Satyagandhi who led a group of us through a similar journey, releasing something at the top of a mountain. I’ve evolved the journey further and find that huge shifts have happened for me and others within days, even hours, of completing this journey. Really set your intention clearly with this one and see it, as vividly as you can, floating out there for the Universe to look after.

4. Trance Dance To Freedom. This Journey has evolved over the many women’s weekends I’ve been involved in facilitating and co-creating, particularly the ‘Wild Women’s Wisdom Weekends’ which Zjamal Xanitha and I lead. It is ideal for releasing any built up energy that may be holding you back. Open the doors and windows before you start to help the ‘energy’ escape. It can be a good idea to have another music tape set up ready to go so that you can keep dancing yourself to completion and ecstasy.

5. ‘Step Into Your Dream’. This could be considered my signature process and has been a powerful way for my course groups and women’s weekends to complete their whole adventure. In creating a collage to begin with, gather old, colourful and sub-culturally appropriate magazines, scissors and glue together and spend an hour creating a vision of how you would like your life to be in the near future. You may like to make one for yourself and on another occasion make one for the World. This is very appropriate for sharing with a group of friends or fellow Earth carers. Your collage can be placed on a wall where you will see it often. You may like to do this process at regular intervals though your life journey.

6. ‘Divine Balance’ . This Journey created itself from only 4 words on a piece of paper at a Woodford Folk Festival Presentation I gave recently. Balance, Love, Wisdom, Power. Both Barry Brailsford from Aotearoa, and Patricia Athena have inspired me by sharing about the triad of Love, Wisdom and Power and somehow, being a Libran, the balance of these has become a really important part of my own journey. The Blessing that gives honour to ‘The Five Sacred Things’ early in the Journey was an invocation I wrote and shared for the wedding of Irena and Rodrigo at Crystal Waters two years ago. Much love to them and many thanks to the work of Starhawk for inspiring this prayer. I also honour the five sacred things for always weaving wonder in my life.

7. ‘Seeds For Change’. My home town of Maleny has been invaded by a Woolworths Supermarket against the wishes of 79% of the community. On a cold and rainy night in mid-winter, after 2 ½ years of trying every avenue to prevent this, a group of local people of all ages occupied the site. This was a final bid to stop the development proceeding on the banks of the Obi Obi creek, in the middle of our town. The action was an attempt to save the breeding colony of platypus and the local economy, among other varied issues. During the 23 days that we occupied the site, before 150 police evicted us at dawn one morning, many songs and chants were received, shared and sung. Some were offered to the remaining trees that the community had saved and the land we were camping on, some were sung to police and security guards, many were sung in circles, marches and spiral dances with hundreds of people. Toning and Singing became our greatest tool for maintaining group energy, healing the land and protecting ourselves from undesirable energy. The song ‘Seeds For Change’ came through me in the last days of ‘Camp Platypus’, as it came to be known. We were mostly labeled ‘protesters’ by the media even though many respectable business, professional and retired people were part of the action. “We’re not protestors, we’re seeds for change” was a cry I made when we sang the song. Many of us involved in Global Change could say “We’re not greenies, We’re not hippies, We’re not Radicals. We’re seeds for change in our beautiful world. We care about the Earth and all creatures. We care about our local communities and the rights of all people to be free, healthy and happy. We’re not a minority to be labeled and silenced by those who strive for mega profits and power over others”. May we all work together for positive change in the world and may the seeds we plant be watered, tended and nurtured with love and hope. This song is dedicated to the people of Maleny and to all who strive for a better world. May it be sung with a strong heart and clear vision.



We are seeds, seeds of change, We are seeds for a better world

We are seeds, seeds of change, We are seeds for a better world

We are seeds, seeds of change, We are seeds for a better world

We are sprouting, spreading roots, We are sprouting, growing many shoots

We are growing, tall and strong, We are growing as we sing this song

We are joining, we are one, We are a forest, each and everyone

We are fruiting, we are held, We’re sowing seeds all around the world

We are seeds, seeds of change, We are seeds for a better world

We are seeds, seeds of change, We are seeds for a better world

We are seeds, seeds of change, We are seeds for a better world




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