Gifts for Wild Women


A Juicy Weekend for Women

Also offered as a one day format or a 2 hour workshop for festivals, conferences or as a special presentations for your group

 Receive many, many gifts while sharing this magical weekend with other wonderful, wise women.


The program has been created to assist and guide participants through a series of facilitated processes and activities which are aimed to

  • Help people give to themselves many, many gifts in a diverse, juicy and flowing way
  • Support women to connect more deeply with themselves, with others and with Earth

We will be exploring our wildness and our wisdom. We will be working and playing with love and care for ourselves and each other. We’ll go deep together into places where maybe we’ve not been before.  We’ll share and have fun while also taking time to relax and be alone.

This will be a full, interactive, guided adventure. Robin invites you to give more to yourself in many diverse ways. Hopefully we’ll remember to give to ourselves every single day.

Robin has designed this to be a very special weekend. She usually asks all participants to be present when we begin the workshop at 9am on the Saturday. Please feel most welcome to arrive from 8.30am to be Welcomed, Registered and Gathered Together ready to start at 9am. The Sunday will finish by 5pm and  it is important that everyone can stay till the end.

  • Renew, Revitalize, Refresh Yourself
  •  Explore the Edges of Yourself, Go Deep Within
  •  Trust Yourself, the Universe and the Process of Your Personal Unfolding.
  •  Manifest Your Full Beauty and Potential
  •  Break Through Personal Barriers
  •  Awaken Your Passion and Dreams
  •  Connect with the Earth
  •  Connect More Deeply and Fully with Yourself
  •  Nurture Your Spirit
  •  Create
  •  Move, Relax, Play, Dance
  •  Unlock Your Wild, Untamed Self


Here’s some of the processes you’ll experience

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*Feed Yourself Love   *Planet Dance

*Whale Wash *Step Into Your Dream

*Trance Dance To Freedom,

* Have You Ever?

* Truth Mandala  *Flying High

*Giveaway Ceremony *Unleashing Creativity

Gifts For Wild Women Painting