Permaculture Meets Creative Design Weekend

 A weekend full of Learning, Creativity, Inspiration, Community Connection, Tours and Site Visits, Ideas, Fun, Local Food and Connection with Nature. 

Permaculture immersion weekends are held a couple of times each year and are hosted and facilitated by Robin Clayfield and Friends. These workshops support participants to learn Permaculture while being actively inspired to design and make creative, functional and productive gardens and environments through hands-on learning, theory sessions using creative processes, tours of Crystal Waters Permaculture Village and garden visits.

Local food and garden salads are a delicious part of the weekend and an experience of the Crystal Waters organic, sourdough, woodfired bakery is a highlight for most participants.

The weekend includes                                              


  Introduction to Permaculture

  Hands-On Permaculture Gardening and Designing

  Gardens of Shapes and Symbols

  Patterns in Nature

  Social Design within the Garden and Society

  Labyrinth Design, and Making

  Backyard Gardens and Creative Possibilities

  Art, Craft and Creativity in the Garden

  Crystal Waters Village Design and History

  Networking and Learning Exchange

  Cultivating the Passionate Gardner in you



Watch a YouTube clip of an Interview with Robin about her experience living at Crystal Waters since 1988

and Here’s a link to an amazing Recount of the August 2012 Weekend documented by Rumi who was supporting and attending the course. It’s 43 pages long and full of pictures.


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