Creative Facilitation, Creative Process, Teaching and Facilitation
Front Cover of the Wild Cards

‘Creative Process Wild Cards’ Launched

Robin attended the Australasian Facilitators Network (AFN) Conference in Ballana, Nth NSW in early November last year. This annual gathering of peers, along with the approaching ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ course in mid-November in SE Qld, were used as the launching pad for Robin’s long dreamed of ‘Creative Process Wild Card’ set. Beautiful graphic design by Robin’s partner Rob Clark and thorough editing and brilliant InDesign tuition by Eve Witney made the project possible and supported Robin to achieve a high standard result.

Creative Facilitation, Creative Process, Teaching and Facilitation
Front Cover of the Wild Cards

The Cards evolved out of a long used ‘Dynamic Groups’ course activity that’s designed to challenge participants to try out new and creative processes to teach or present on a topic. This evolved from an original process that Skye and Robin began using 25 years ago to great effect. For example, if you are a little tired of teaching your pet topic the same way each time or you notice people seem bored or tired when you offer it, imagine you shuffle the cards and ask, “What processes will I use to teach … (Soils or Healthy Eating or Mud Brick Building or Project Management or …) next weekend?” or “Which processes shall I use to facilitate tomorrow night’s meeting for the two major agenda items?” Pick a card, or two. Maybe you’ll get Puppetry or Large Scale Chalk Drawing or Quiz Shows. Perhaps you’ll draw Music/Dance/Movement or Recipes, Water Play or L.O.V.E. You trust that you’ll rise to the challenge, take a deep breath and after a good planning stint your presentation becomes motivating, engaging and fun for your participants and their ability to take in and remember the information is greatly enhanced. Plus you discover many new ways to present, teach and facilitate.

The set contains 60 cards in total. 50 Creative processes and 10 more conventional ones that Robin feels she can’t live without or that have a creative edge or don’t take much to make them so. They are printed on high quality card, printed locally and come boxed in a 100% recycled cardboard box that is coloured using soy based inks. Click this link if you’d like some

About Robin Clayfield

Robin Clayfield is an international teacher, facilitator and author who is passionate about healthy groups, organisations and communities, their structures and governance and most importantly, their facilitation and group dynamics. She presents and consults all around the world to support global health, well-being and whole systems change through using Permaculture, Social Permaculture and ‘Dynamic Groups’ methodology. Robin is a Permaculture Pioneer and Elder who has lived at Crystal Waters Permaculture Eco-Village in SE Queensland, Australia since 1988. Her books and resources include ‘You Can Have Your Permaculture and Eat It Too’, ‘The New Permaculture Principles Card Game’, ‘The Creative Community Governance and Decision Making Resource Kit’ and the ‘Creative Process Wild Cards’. She is also the co-auther (with Skye in 1995) of ‘The Manual for Teaching Permaculture Creatively’ plus several resources and card games for teachers and facilitators.

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