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Developed in the early to mid 90’s by Robin Clayfield and Skye to support them teach Permaculture Creatively, these 3 resources have found their way all over Australia and to many different countries. They are still relevant and popular with anyone leading or teaching groups involved with Permaculture, Horticulture, Landscape Design and Environmental Education. Each of these teaching tools comes as a complete kit, including all necessary props, instructions, background information as suggestions as to their application.

 Permaculture Principles Card Game

 Patterns in Nature Card Game

 Soils Roleplay Kit



Patterns in Nature Card Game


Permaculture Principles Card Game

 Permaculture Principles Card GameThis set is comprised of 68 cards each measuring 14.5cm x 10.5cm. There are four differently coloured cards for each of the three Ethics of Permaculture and the twelve Principles of Permaculture as taught by Earthcare Education over many years. The blue cards are the BUZZ word or principle, the lavender cards are a simple definition, the green cards are a more complex Bill Mollison definition and the yellow cards are beautiful graphics drawn by Rebecca Hopkins. There are also 8 pink cards, each a statement of a Permaculture ‘Attitude’. 

  PLEASE NOTE: David Holmgren has developed a set of Principles cards with his revamped Principles including a set of fridge magnets and now with an instructional teaching DVD. You may like to purchase both to gain a complete picture and understanding of the Permaulture Principles and how they’ve evolved. Patterns in Nature Card Game

SpiralStreamlineBranchingStarLobesNetCloudsCircleScatterWavesThere are 4 different images for each pattern.An instruction booklet gives details of how the cards can be used as a learning activity. SOILS ROLEPLAY KITBased on information concerning the Oxygen/Ehylene Cycle researched by Dr Alan Smith of CSIRO and popularised by Lea Harrison, this kit allows a fun, easy and understandable introduction to the complex biology of soils.  The main body of the kit involves a narrated Roleplay, conducted by the facilitator which takes the participants through the interesting chemistry and living processes that make nutrients available to plants. In addition to complete instructions on running the Roleplay the kit contains additional information on soil testing, inoculation techniques, rehabilitation strategies and symbiosis as well as Blackline Masters for a series of handout notes developed by us with permission to use them. 


Dear Robin
I must tell you that I was teaching soils to an Accredited Permaculture Training Certificate 2 group at Northey Street City Farm last week and for the first time used your Soils Role-play from the ‘Let’s Play with Soils’ Kit. I must admit I was a little worried before I started, hoping it would go down OK, but it was brilliant – they all got really involved and dragged in a passer-by to play a role when we had more cards than people. I’d wanted to use the role-play basically to raise awareness of some the activity going on in the soil and didn’t imagine that the students would be too interested in the detail, but as soon as we sat down, they asked if we could draw a diagram to consolidate how it all worked.

So I want to say thank you. Perhaps the greatest thing you taught me in the TAA Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Course was to trust the right brain process, and that learning should be fun.
All the best
Dr Barb Ford

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  1. I would like to order a book and some of the cards…can’t find pricelist and how to order. Please advise. thanks

  2. Hi Phyllis,
    If you click on the SHOP tab towards the right along the top of the Home page you will find all of my products and the prices. Best wishes, Robin

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