Resources for Training, Learning, Group Dynamics and Facilitation

Robin Clayfield and Earthcare Education have developed several kits and resources specially to assist groups dynamics, ease of learning and creative facilitation of groups and activities.

Available products include

Partner Cards for Groups up to 30 people
Learning Questionnaires – Learning Modes plus Intelligences
Happy/Frazzled Faces – Laminated Flipside Circles
Juggling Balls – Sets of 3
Australian Bush Flower Learning Essence – Small or Large Bottles
See also – Manual For Teaching Permaculture Creatively
See also – Group Agreements Resource Kit
See also – Creative Community Governance and Decision Making Resource Kit
See Also – Seeds For Change CD

Choose from one of these four different designs. Each set comes with a booklet of instructions. NOTE: The Animals cards can be distributed then people asked to close their eyes and find their group by making the noise of the animal card they choose. Fun!





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  1. Hi Robin,

    I am really excited by the resources you have available for permaculture teachers and would like to order some. I could not find a way to buy your books or card games on your website – is there a way to mail order them online? If so, please let me know. Thanks,

    Kim Watt
    Victoria, BC, Canada

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