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Feel free to Explore

Feel free to Explore

Explore the site and discover the gifts Earthcare Education has to offer. Read about the philosophy and design of ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’; why it’s so successful and what other people have to say about it. Add your own comments if you’d like to.
Dive into the exciting...

Dive into the exciting...

Dive into a variety of exciting, leading edge courses, workshops, seminars and consultancies. Find out more about Robin’s excellent books and Earthcare Education’s Manual, tools and resources for creative, interactive training and facilitation.


Enjoy! and come back and visit regularly as we explore and document the key elements of this amazing jigsaw that makes learning and group activities fun, easy and DYNAMIC.
Brand new 3rd edition!!

Brand new 3rd edition!!

Inspired by many requests for her recipes while cooking for Permaculture Courses Robin eventually wrote down, not just all her recipes but an abundance of ideas, designs, species lists, suggestions, hints, inspirations, processes, potions and pointers.

It’s probably 2 years away from publication and 18 years since she first felt to begin the project but Robin Clayfield is busy working on her ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ book. Due to her strong intention to progress the book Robin is presenting very few courses over the next year. 

Dynamic Groups smallest for SLF 2014 Dynamic Groups Creative Facilitation and Teacher Training Courses

Her next training course ‘ Teaching Creatively and Dynamically’ will be in BC Canada from 20th to 25th June 2014 hosted by Delvin Solkinson and Gaiacraft.

Click here for the flier

The only ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Creative Facilitation and Teacher Training Course in Australia that’s open to the general public this year will be at Crystal Waters Permaculture EcoVillage from 13th to 18th October. Robin loves presenting this course in her home community and being able to bring all her resources and a big library for participants to access as well as being able to use fantastic local food prepared by highly respected local cooks and chefs.

Click here for the flier

Robin Clayfield’s classic book ‘You Can Have Your Permaculture and Eat It Too’ has finally been reprinted. Permaculture FRONT Cover Final small 217x300 Permaculture Book Reprinted after 12 years Out of PrintIt’s had a thorough re-edit, been completely re-formatted and had a partial content upgrade bringing all the information up to date. The Index is now twice the size, there’s 6 new illustrations and the amazing Rob Clark has re-designed the cover which looks really classy with a matt finish. The book was first published 17 years ago and contains 13 years of Robin’s life. She spent over a year drawing much of the info out of her head into the manuscript. The print run all sold out and for 12 years now has only been available as a photocopied version. See a 20 page taster of the book in the shop now. http://dynamicgroups.com.au/shop/#!/~/product/category=2749073&id=11984871

As well as coming back with a quality product, it’s now also available as an e-book through Amazon and other sites.  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GN4LR8Q

A ‘Print-On-Demand version for people outside Australia will be available early next year.

Say YES to yourself and your most special relationship. 62040 424534100939781 1509507570 n 150x150 Last The Love Feast Relationship Retreat for 2013Here’s the FaceBook invite for our last Retreat for this year. It’s one of the most powerful and healing things I’m involved with. I’d love for you to join us and take the many gifts you’ll receive home to your families and community icon smile Last The Love Feast Relationship Retreat for 2013


or book here through the shop 


Have you ever gone to sleep in a class, lecture or meeting? More importantly, have participants in your groups gone to sleep or looked bleary eyed and started yawning? This is a signal, not to go faster and try and get through copious notes more quickly, but to have a break of some kind. AAADynamic Groups Sydney May 2010 11 300x224 Group Energizers

A Variety of Ways to TAKE A BREAK…

* The obvious one is to have a tea break. Preferably offering fruit, filtered water, juice and healthy light snacks. Too much sugar and heavy cakes can give a sugar spike to the blood sugar followed by a big drop in energy later on.

* Change chairs and visit an open window on the way. Take 3 deep breaths of the fresh air

* All stand up and have a big stretch and a yawn by massaging the jaw

* Use any ‘Cross-Crawling’ activity. Have a look at some of these free Brain Gym activities http://sspw.dpi.wi.gov/files/sspw/pdf/sascevanshandouts.pdf

* Juggle or throw a ball around the room for 5 minutes

* Drink a glass of cold water

* Give yourself an ear massage from the top of the earlobe down, rolling the ear out as you go down. This helps switch on the hearing if you’re sitting in an auditory presentation or wanting people to listen well.

* Change activities or brake into small groups

* Throw in a story with humour involved

* All the Group can act out the information being covered or be involved in creating a model of it. Find some way for people to use their bodies actively.

* Play an Energizer or active group game or process. One of my favourites is ‘Big Animals, Little Animals’ from our ‘Manual for Teaching Permaculture Creatively’. ( http://dynamicgroups.com.au/shop/#!/~/product/category=2749073&id=11984875 )

Here’s the instructions – BIG ANIMALS, LITTLE ANIMALS

This is a very active game that really needs to be played inside on a soft  floor in a room with few breakable items (it  can be very boisterous). We’ve also played it outside in a garden full of trees and other hidie holes. It is simple – divide the group  into halves,  explain to one half that they are “BIG, HUNGRY,  FEROCIOUS ANIMALS”, the other group are “small, tiny, timid, delicious to eat animals“. “Now GO!”

 After a few minutes of mayhem (remember play fighting when you were a child ?) yell for them to “STOP” and explain that everyone is to swap roles and “GO  AGAIN”.  This allows a bit of  friendly revenge and balances up the energy. De-Role at the end by shaking off the body and says one;s real name a few times. 

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