Robin’s leading edge 6 day training at Crystal Waters in SE Q’ld has become an annual event while she does her best to retreat to write her next series of books about the ‘Dynamic Groups’ Methodology. 

This next course will be the last she personally organises till late 2016 though she has been invited to Melbourne for a ‘Dynamic Groups’ course in February and WA in September for one preceding the Australasian Permaculture Convergence. It takes a lot of time and energy to organise and host a course so Robin’s said she’ll only present the if she’s invited and the host does the organisation and promotion. This year’s November course will see Erin Young join Robin as her assistant. Erin has done Robin’s Dynamic Groups Course previously and supports her work in many ways as well as collaborating on group decision making processes and particularly with Sociocracy. FoodHealthyDGCW2013

The course is fully residential, features delicious, often organic and locally sourced food and is offered for a ‘Sliding Scale’ price range so people pay what they can afford depending on their income.

It is also available via a payment plan option if needed.

Click this link to see the poster

This link to the FaceBook event page 

To enquire or book

She’ll answer any queries and send you the poster and a rego form if requested.

Robin’s partner Rob Clark has just produced a stunning flier to give some pre publicity to Robin’s next book and too generate support and possible funding in advance.

DT&F Book FLIER FRONT DG Book flyer Back

DaDarrr! Introducing to the world ELFy the Magician – mascot, champion and colourful jigsaw puzzle symbol for Robin’s ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ methodology. Magician Stary BG A4

The magician represents all the elements which together create healthy, happy and successful groups, teams and learning environments. Robin expresses much gratitude to her amazing partner Rob Clark for creating this stunning artwork and for backing her, her passion and her purpose in the world so beautifully. Robin also acknowledges Monica Monero from Spain for her original design of the magician several years ago and for creating the animation on the YouTube clip that presents the methodology.  

The clip has had just on 7000 views and has carried out into the world the concept that ‘Magic Happens in Dynamic Groups and Learning Happens Easily’.

Now the magician takes a new, more 3 dimensional form and the methodology becomes more fleshed out and documented in the manuscript for Robin’s next book, due for release in mid 2016.

Robin’s trip to UK and Spain is a 2 page feature in the current Sunshine Coast monthly newspaper, The Hinterland Times. HandsCircleBegaRobynRosenfeldtPhoto

Written by local author Dale Jacobson, the article tells a little of Robin’s life journey with Permaculture while sharing details of her exciting trip to England for the International Permaculture Conference, courses and workshops with side trips to Wales and Mallorca in Spain for smaller presentations.

Read the article here.

Robin Clayfield’s ‘NEW Permaculture Principles Card Game’ is now complete, finished, edited, proofed, dressed up with amazing art and design, printed, collated and now available. It will be launched internationally at IPC UK (International Permaculture Convergence) next month and is having a virtual launch here in Australia via a FaceBook event invitation.

The set is a card-matching game for teaching and learning the latest Permaculture Principles​ and Ethics and comprises 80 A6 full colour cards and a fold-out booklet. Box Sticker front

It incorporates David Holmgren’s updated principles with the original principles and icons by Richard Telford and David Holmgren.

It includes photographs, mind maps, key principles, explanations, solution map and instruction booklet.

It’s an interactive tool for engaging all learning styles and enables ‘speaking and doing’.

It expands on the understanding of Social Permaculture and introduces the 4th Ethic, Spirit Care.

With thanks to Rob Clark​ for beautiful art and design work and Eve Witney​ for amazing editing and InDesign skills.

Thanks also to Skye who together with Robin created the 1st ever ‘Permaculture Principles Card Game’ over 20 years ago.

The set is printed and produced on the Sunshine Coast in Q’ld and packaged in a 100% cardboard box using soy based inks.

Thanks everyone who’s supported and encouraged the journey and may this resource support teachers and facilitators of Permaculture to make the learning journey more fun, successful and memorable and may more people learn Permaculture easily.