The Love Feast – Weekend Retreat & Bali Week

The Love Feast, A Sacred Union Relationship Retreat is an opportunity for Couples to have a special weekend away to deepen their relationship. BellBunya near Eumundi in Sth East Queensland has been chosen again for the next Retreat on the 30th, 31st March and 1st April 2012.

Heart centre in the 'Sacred Union Labyrinth' made during 'The Love Feast' at BellBunya

Click here for a flier with all the info. 

Feedback for ‘The Love Feast’ has been very positive and encouraging, prompting Robin and Mark to book a luscious venue in Ubud, Bali for a week long ‘The Love Feast’ Indulgence Retreat in June 2012.

Click here to view a flier for this exciting adventure.

“Wow, what a feast. Food, feelings, laughter, intimacy, creativity, depth, sharing and of course love. Thankyou and much love”. J.H.

“I can’t put into words the energy, love and healing that has happened”. Written feedback from a participant after the first ‘The Love Feast’ Retreat.

About Robin Clayfield

Robin Clayfield is an international teacher, facilitator and author who is passionate about healthy groups, organisations and communities, their structures and governance and most importantly, their facilitation and group dynamics. She presents and consults all around the world to support global health, well-being and whole systems change through using Permaculture, Social Permaculture and ‘Dynamic Groups’ methodology. Robin is a Permaculture Pioneer and Elder who has lived at Crystal Waters Permaculture Eco-Village in SE Queensland, Australia since 1988. Her books and resources include ‘You Can Have Your Permaculture and Eat It Too’, ‘The New Permaculture Principles Card Game’, ‘The Creative Community Governance and Decision Making Resource Kit’ and the ‘Creative Process Wild Cards’. She is also the co-auther (with Skye in 1995) of ‘The Manual for Teaching Permaculture Creatively’ plus several resources and card games for teachers and facilitators.

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  1. Hi! I am interested in this Love feast in october happening at Bellpark. Could you please send me more information? I would like to know if it is residential and how much it is per couple.
    Sounds fantastic.Thank for organizing it! Love

  2. bali is one of the greatest place to be for your love, thanks for sharing it.